• Where can I find the contract?
    A full copy of the contract can be found right here on our website [RESOURCES -> CONTRACTS AND MOAs -> 2020-2024 HVCCFA CBA SIGNED W CURRENT MOAs.2020.03.18]. It is also posted on the College’s Human Resources website. Although the contract covers certain dates, it is important to remember that under New York State law, if we do not have a new agreement in place, the rights and protections of the existing contract (except for negotiated salary increases) remain in place even after the posted expiration date.
  • Where can I find information about health insurance?
    Health insurance is a negotiated benefit under our contract and the college offers individual and family health insurance plans to all faculty, education specialists, and librarians covered under our contract. The College typically announces rates and coverages in early December of each year. For a list of current plan summaries and associated costs please visit the Office of Human Resources/Employee Handbook/Employee Health Insurance
  • Is dental insurance available?
    A dental plan is available to all full time faculty. Please visit the Human Resources Website/Employee Handbook/Employee Benefits. The Office of Human Resources will determine your eligibility. The Website includes current schedule of allowances, claim form, participating dentists, and exclusions.
  • What is a course preference form and where can I find it?
    The course preference form can be found in Addendum A of your contract and the Human Resources Website under Employee Information. This form allows full time faculty to advise Department Chairs which courses and meeting times (including overload) are preferred by that faculty member for the upcoming semester. If requested on the course reference form, the department chair shall meet individually with their faculty to discuss their course and meeting time preferences.
  • Can I teach overload?
    Full-time faculty can request overload on your course preference form, which is submitted to your department chair. Course preference forms are requests and the availability of overload is based on enrollment and the College’s needs. For summer teaching assignments, email a request to your chair for summer teaching as far in advance as possible. Summer teaching assignments are also based on enrollment.
  • What can I do if I have used all of my personal leave and I have a death in my immediate family?
    Article XVI, Section A of our contract allows up to five current or accumulated days of sick leave to be used, after personal leave has been exhausted, to attend to critical illness or a death within the faculty member’s immediate family.